Cirque Du Soleil

The circus came to town, and I made a few signs for them.

My client offered me tickets and I declined. The client said “I will leave two tickets for you at the box office anyway.” This was so kind, but I couldn’t not take the boys so I called the client and asked “Thank you for the tickets, but is it possible for me to get two more right next to these two seats? I will pay full price, but I want to make sure we can have seats together.” The client responded with “It’s OK, I’ll give you four free tickets.”

We loved the show. It was the first circus the boys has seen. We bought souvenirs.

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Comic strip

Here’s 3 comics strips I did years ago. You can tell it’s old because I drew a TV with a thick cabinet.

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Instant HTML image gallery

Adobe Bridge CS6 has the ability to automatically create a web photo gallery. It can do it using Flash and HTML. Here is an example of an HTML site:

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They should know better

Lousy soap placement in a Walmart restroom. I don’t think this is intentional to prevent little kids from playing with the soap dispenser. I’m sure the architects who were thoughtful enough to install a short sink never would have expected the contractors to put the soap over the window. A nice example of a project becoming a disappointment because of carelessness of the final touches.

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Muggy Christmas 2015

This was taken on Christmas day – 2015 in Germantown, MD. It was 69 degrees. You can see the temp unit on the building. Too hot for the long sleeve shirts my boys were wearing.

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iMac 2015 – 27″ Retina

Screen resolution

These are some of the resolution options of the 2015 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The standard Display settings in El Capitan give you five options.
Larger Text – 1600 x 900 (yellow)
Default – 2560 x 1440 (red)
More Space – 3200 x 1800 (blue)
In order to access the full 5120 x 2880 (green) resolution you need to hold the OPTION key on they keyboard while you click on SCALED in the Display settings.

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I completely believe this guy. It’s not often you see someone write a threat on a sign.

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Feeding the birds

My sister hung a small bird feeder outside her window in the Fall.  Here is the result.  Note how they are lined up on the fence posts waiting their turns.  A full container of food is gone in about 3 days.

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I saw a group of people outside my office taking pictures, so I went outside to join the crowd. This is what got everyone’s attention. I was the only one who took the photo with an ordinary camera. Everyone else used cell phones.

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200 Potions

I bought the Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire dual pack for my kids. It came with codes to gets 200 potions. We don’t need it so here you go. First come, first served.

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