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Disney Star Wars

I went to a work convention at DisneyLand. Here’s a photo from the gift shop. Here’s the prices: Mickey Jedi: $99.95 Minnie Leia: $99.95 R2MK: $95.00 Donald Duck Storm Trooper: $95.00 Goofy C3PO: $95.00 Stitch Yoda: $95.00 Minnie Amidala: $95.00 … Continue reading

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NOAA Weather radar

Here’s the link to NOAA’s national weather radar It’s a nice way to see the whole country.

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Mini shopping cart

Hats off to the new half size shopping carts. I never felt comfortable pushing around the full sized ones with the little I would buy. These things are terrific. Also kudos to Costco for being the only place that still … Continue reading

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Broken camera

My first DSLR camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, stopped working. Even though the flash would go off my pictures were nearly black. I emailed with Canon technical support and they had me reset all the camera settings, which of … Continue reading

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It looks like someone hacked into a roadside electronic message board sign. I don’t get the reference. Seems like a lot of work and risk for something that’s not funny.

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No means no

It’s easier to tape up a “NO” than to remove the Visa/Mastercard vinyl. Much funnier too.

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Rhinoceros beetle

I saw this guy in a Giant Supermarket parking lot in Vienna, VA at 7am. I think it’s a Eastern Hercules Beetle. I should have placed a coin or something next to it before I took the photo for scale. … Continue reading

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Cold Apple wireless keyboard

During the winter my office gets very cold at night and my wireless mac keyboard doesn’t like it. It takes a few minutes in the morning to warm up and start working properly.

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Old Mac OS flag icons

Here’s a collection of the old Mac OS iChat flag icons. It’s 50 PNG files.

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NYC Panoramic

Here’s a panoramic image of NYC, prior to the new WTC building. Click on the image to download the 740  x 7979 file.

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