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Cirque Du Soleil

The circus came to town, and I made a few signs for them. My client offered me tickets and I declined. The client said “I will leave two tickets for you at the box office anyway.” This was so kind, … Continue reading

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They should know better

Lousy soap placement in a Walmart restroom. I don’t think this is intentional to prevent little kids from playing with the soap dispenser. I’m sure the architects who were thoughtful enough to install a short sink never would have expected … Continue reading

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Muggy Christmas 2015

This was taken on Christmas day – 2015 in Germantown, MD. It was 69 degrees. You can see the temp unit on the building. Too hot for the long sleeve shirts my boys were wearing.

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Feeding the birds

My sister hung a small bird feeder outside her window in the Fall.  Here is the result.  Note how they are lined up on the fence posts waiting their turns.  A full container of food is gone in about 3 … Continue reading

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Disney Star Wars

I went to a work convention at DisneyLand. Here’s a photo from the gift shop. Here’s the prices: Mickey Jedi: $99.95 Minnie Leia: $99.95 R2MK: $95.00 Donald Duck Storm Trooper: $95.00 Goofy C3PO: $95.00 Stitch Yoda: $95.00 Minnie Amidala: $95.00 … Continue reading

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Rhinoceros beetle

I saw this guy in a Giant Supermarket parking lot in Vienna, VA at 7am. I think it’s a Eastern Hercules Beetle. I should have placed a coin or something next to it before I took the photo for scale. … Continue reading

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