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Muggy Christmas 2015

This was taken on Christmas day – 2015 in Germantown, MD. It was 69 degrees. You can see the temp unit on the building. Too hot for the long sleeve shirts my boys were wearing.

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I completely believe this guy. It’s not often you see someone write a threat on a sign.

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I overheard a member of my gym complain to the staff, saying that the sign was too harsh. They didn’t like the “Termination of Membership” threat and that it should be rephrased it into something nicer.

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It looks like someone hacked into a roadside electronic message board sign. I don’t get the reference. Seems like a lot of work and risk for something that’s not funny.

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No means no

It’s easier to tape up a “NO” than to remove the Visa/Mastercard vinyl. Much funnier too.

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